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TED Talk: Gordon Brown on global ethic vs. national interest


credit: TED/James Duncan Davidson It may be deeply unfashionable to say anything complimentary about our Prime Minister at the moment. However, I was extremely impressed by Gordon Brown’s presentation at TED in Oxford last July. I was reminded of this because TED have just posted the video of the follow-up question and answer session between Brown and conference organiser, Chris Anderson.

I have long held the view that commercial globalisation must be matched by the development of more powerful global legislative frameworks and institutions. Global recession and concerns about climate change reinforce this conviction.

I therefore welcome Brown’s call for the creation of global institutions to deal with the global problems. It will take time, maybe generations, but it will happen. And the increasing use of multiple forms of global communication that allow us to share the experiences of individuals around the world will foster the development of a global ethic and the sense of global society essential to the acceptance and success of such institutions.

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