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About RivCom

  • Are you struggling to grow your organisation while keeping control of costs?
  • Is your team failing to consistently deliver work on time and budget?
  • Is your organisation as efficient as it needs to be in the current climate?
  • Do you lack the information you need to make the right decisions?
These are typical symptoms of operational inefficiencies: bottlenecks and gaps that reduce your organisation’s effectiveness and profitability.
RivCom helps small and medium-sized organisations make their operational systems more effective. We do this by:

  • identifying inefficiencies
  • enhancing systems
  • optimising workflows, and
  • improving reporting.

This increases your profitability and puts you back in control.

Our projects make sure that workflows, systems and controls are aligned. We make use of the latest generation of Internet technologies to deliver improved performance for your organisation without requiring major investments in new software. And if you are not sure what can be achieved, we can help you review your existing workflows and systems to identify how you can improve quality and save time and money.

Our Approach
We have learned that, to ensure success, solutions need to be based on:

  • a clear understanding of business models, strategies and priorities
  • improved business process, often underpinned by effective use of new and emerging Internet technologies
  • effective communication and engagment with relevant stakeholders to ensure practicality and adoption.

Over the last 20 years we have helped scores of organisations increase their operational effectiveness and can provide excellent references from a wide range of clients (see History for more information).